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Massage feel great - work well

Office Massage

The Cloud Wellbeing Day is a unique experince that boosts your delegates’ energy levels and teaches how to sustain them.

All delegates receive:

  • 10-30 minute Energy Boost Massage
    • Tips and tools to sustain your energy and stay in ‘the zone’
  • Meridian Treatments
    • The stimulation of key points leaves you wide awake and fresh
  • Wellbeing Tips
    • Tap into the wealth of knowledge that our highly trained therapists
    • They will part with their ‘home secrets’ on maintaining well being anywhere!

Benefits for your delegates

  • Immediate relaxation
  • Increased energy levels, alertness and happiness.
  • Knowledge of how to sustain energy levels
  • Lowering of blood Pressure and improves circulation
  • Promotes a deep sense of wellbeing

resizedBenefits for your company

  • Helps to improve productivity, decision making and morale
  • Reward and recognise delegates
  • Reduces fatigue and revitalizes the employee
  • Reduces absenteeism and other costs associated with stress related injuries.
  • Engage and enrol staff

If you have the space for our inflatable pop-up Cloud, it creates a wonderful environment for a wellbeing day,allowing your staff to feel they are stepping out of the office. Alternatively a quieter meeting room, or one of our marquees (for an outdoor event) are good alternatives.

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