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Cloud Office Massage is a revolutionary pop-up spa and onsite wellness company.

With massage and manicure as our key offering, our services are ideal for people working in offices or in the field of corporate events.

Cloud Office Massage can pamper and revitalise staff members via massage sessions on your very own company premises. For larger corporate affairs, we can provide onsite pop-up spas.

Office massage can also be used to reward and pamper employees. It reduces stress, increases energy levels. It can even energise employees to complete onerous projects and hit deadlines.

Our luxury office massage chairs can fit into any small office or corner so there is no need to remove clothes or use any special oils. All we ask is a loosened tie and a relaxed(ish) body ready to be massaged.

Office massage has proven results….

Our Office Massage packages are designed specifically to deal with the stress and tension in the workplace, creating real returns through increased levels of staff productivity and morale. Whether it be 10 minutes or 45 minutes, the Cloud’s Office Massage therapists can deliver a bespoke treatment plan to meet your needs.

The Cloud Office Massage service covers the whole of the UK and is ready to arrange weekly, bi-weekly or monthly office massage visits.

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Don’t believe us?

The number of companies that offer office massage is growing every year says Fortune Magazine. Even Eddie Bauer, of Fortunes 100 Best Companies To Work For, provides onsite office massage twice a week at his corporate headquarters.

 Established in 2009 The Cloud (Pop-up Spas) has grown from strength to strength. Feel free to get in touch via our contact page and say hello!